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Programma End User

Editing in the Edit Page

Importing a Project and Relinking Media, Working with the Media Pool, Building the Timeline in the Edit Page, Editing the Sound Bites, Inserting the B-Roll, Removing and Trimming Timeline Clips, Using Trim Edit Mode, Adding the Music, Adding the Final Cutaways, Shuffle Insert Edits, Finessing the B-Roll, Slipping and Sliding Clips, Adjusting Pacing

Audio, Effects, and Titles in the Edit Page

Setting Up the Project, Duplicating the Timeline, Adding the Voiceover and Sound Effects, Mixing the Soundtrack, Replacing Shots, Changing Clip Speed, Changing Shot Framing, Adding Transitions, Adding Filters, Adding Fusion Titles

Performing Primary Color Corrections

Exploring the Color Page Interface, Using the Primary Corrector, Understanding Video Scopes, Color Correcting Using Lift, Gamma, and Gain, Making Automatic Adjustments, Understanding Nodes, Using Nodes to Separate Corrections, Labeling Nodes, Using DaVinci Resolve Color Management, Adjusting Individual Color Channels, Using Curves for Primary Color Corrections, Using Curves in Separate Nodes

Making Secondary Color Adjustments

Masking Areas with Windows, Reversing Selections with Outside Nodes, Using Windows to Adjust Lighting, Making Secondary Adjustments with HSL Curves, Making Quick Adjustments with the Color Warper, Selecting Areas with the Qualifier, Combining Qualifiers and Power Windows, Using the Tracker, Applying Resolve FX in the Color Page

Grade Management

Identifying Ungraded Clips, Copying Grades, Working with Stills, Importing and Exporting Grades, Working with LUTs,  Making Creative Decisions

Project Setup and Preferences

Project Settings, Importing Clips on the Media Page, Viewing Clip Metadata, Working with Automatic Smart Bins, Creating Custom Smart Bins,  Preferences, Exploring Keyboard Shortcuts

Mixing Audio in Fairlight

Setting Up the Project,  Exploring the Fairlight Interface, Setting Track Formats and Clip Channels, Trimming Clips in Fairlight, Adding and Aligning Sound Effects, Using Fairlight FX, Mixing the Music

Creating Effects in Fusion

The Fusion Interface, Adding the First Effect, Masking Effects, Adding Clips from the Media Pool, Adding An Effect, Reviewing Work in the Edit

Delivery and Media Management

Working in the Deliver Page, Rendering Out a Web Streaming File, Creating a Custom Preset, Rendering Out Individual Clips, Consolidating Media

Programma Colorist

Balancing Footage

Opening a DaVinci Resolve Archive, Setting Up Project Backups, Understanding the Grading Workflow, Setting Tonal Range and Contrast, Balancing Colors, Comparing Color and Log Wheels

Creating Color Continuity

Building a Shot-Matching Strategy, Organizing Shots Using Flags and Filters, Applying Shot Match, Matching Shots Using Stills, Comparing and Matching Shots Manually

Correcting and Enhancing Isolated Areas

Controlling the Viewer’s Eye, Sharpening Key Elements, Tracking Obscured Objects, Fixing Overcast Skies,  Warping Color Ranges, Enhancing Skin Tones with Face Refinement, Adjusting Skin Tones Manually

Conforming an XML Timeline

Importing an XML Timeline, Syncing an Offline Reference, Conforming a Timeline, Associating HQ Footage with a Timeline for Online Workflows, Maximizing the Dynamic Range

Mastering the Node Pipeline

Understanding Node-Based Grade Compositing, Recognizing the Importance of Node Order, Creating Separate Processing Pipelines with a Parallel Mixer Node, Visualizing Mixer Nodes, Compositing Color Effects with the Layer Mixer Node

Managing Grades Across Clips and Timelines

Copying Grades from Clips and Stills, Working with Local Versions,  Appending Grades and Nodes,  Saving Grades for Other Projects, Copying Timeline Grades Using ColorTrace,  Copying Grades Using the Timelines Album, Self-Guided Exercise

Using Groups

Preparing Media Using Scene Cut Detection, Creating a Group, Applying Base Grades at the Pre-Clip Group Level, Making Clip-Specific Adjustments at the Clip Group Level, Automatically Tracking Objects and People, Creating a Unifying Look Using the Post-Clip Group Level, Applying Timeline-Level Grades and Effects

Adjusting Image Properties

Understanding Timeline Resolutions and Sizing Palette Modes, Using Keyframes to Animate Grades, Applying Noise Reduction, Optimizing Performance with Render Cache

Setting Up Raw Projects

Adjusting Raw Settings at the Project Level, Adjusting Raw Settings at the Clip Level, Grading High Dynamic Range Media , Setting Up a Render Cache for Raw Media Projects

Delivering Projects

Using Lightbox to Check Timelines Prior to Delivery, Understanding the Render Workflow and Presets, Creating Custom Renders and Saving Presets, Configuring a Timeline for Digital Cinema, Exploring Advanced Render Settings

Programma Editor’s 

Building the Rough Cut

Setting Up a Project, The Edit Page, Assembling the Sound Bites, Working with the Subclips, Adding the Final Sound Bites, Adding B-Roll and Pacing the Sound Bites, Painting the Interview, Backtiming Edits, Adding the Music

Refining the Rough Cut

Setting Up the Project,Duplicating the Timeline, Trimming the Timeline Clips, Rolling Edits, Ripple Trimming Multiple Edit Points, Slide Edits, Replacing Clips, Audio Mixing, “Ducking” the Music Levels, Adding the Logo, Adding the Closing Titles, Last Minute Changes, Full Screen Review, Quick Export

Fine Cutting an Interview

Starting the Project, Using the Smooth Cut Transition, Importing a “Selects” Timeline, Working Across Multiple Timelines, Refining the Radio Edit, Editing Between Timelines, Working with Stacked Timelines

Cutting a Dramatic Scene

Working with Separate Takes, Editing for Continuity, Comparing Different Takes, Tidying Up the Audio, Utilizing Split Edits, Dynamic Trimming, Filling the “Dead Air”

Multicamera Editing

Editing a Multicamera Interview, Switching Multicam Angles, Editing a Multicamera Music Video, Real-Time Multicamera Editing, Adjusting the Multicamera Edit, Adjusting a Multicam Clip

Project Organization

Creating a New Project and Project Settings, Importing Media, Generating Proxy Files, Syncing Audio to Video, Configuring Metadata Presets, Importing and Using Metadata, Creating Subclips, Power Bins

Edit Page Effects

Setting Up the Project, Compositing Using Traveling Mattes, Variable Speed Changes, Creating Freeze Frames, 3D Keyer FX, Transform FX, Video Collage, Creating Tiles with Video Collage

Delivering Projects

Preparing the Projects, Reformatting a Timeline for Different Aspect Ratios, Reframing Shots, Smart Reframe (Studio Only), Customizing Deliver Page Presets, Exporting AAF for Pro Tools, Adding Subtitles, Importing Subtitle Files, Adjusting Subtitles, Styling Subtitles, Exporting with Subtitles, Exporting Audio Tracks, Changing and Rendering Jobs from Multiple Projects, Media Managing Timelines

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